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A plethora of Culinary Herbs!

We have more varieties of herb plants available to purchase than you’ve ever seen in one location! These not only include many of your favourites, but also include a great selection of herbs often difficult to find in northern Alberta.

We sell herb bedding plants, fresh-cut herbs, and herb mixes. NEW for 2006 – we will also be selling herb seeds!

We have herbs in beautiful hand-made pots, and wonderful herb collections in hanging baskets and in patio/windowsill planters. Select one for yourself or give someone a beautiful living gift.

Take one of our creations, or you can you can choose your favourite plants and a container, and we’ll put one together for you – while you wait, or made-to-order – and you pay only for the materials!

Put herbs in your garden, or in a container placed on your deck or on a windowsill, ready to clip for dinner. Integrate herbs with your flowers or vegetables – they make wonderful companion plants, adding great fragrance and beauty, and often acting to deter pests. As many herbs originate from the area of the Mediterranean they often require less water, and far less ‘care’ than other plants (there are a few exceptions). They all love sunshine although a few can handle some shade.

Hang a herbal hanging basket with a collection of your favourite herbs, near your kitchen or by the Barbecue. Take the hanger off & bring it inside for winter. We’ll help you with how to care for it – inside and outside.


  • Use approximately 3 tbsp. fresh herbs for every ½ tsp. you would use of dried herbs.
  • Use in last 5-10 minutes of cooking only – the heat destroys the oils over time.
  • Tear fresh herbs, don’t chop, you want to release the aroma!
  • Don’t be afraid to combine different fresh herbs, use liberally.
  • Use fresh-cut herbs anywhere you would use dried.
  • Experiment! Try It Out. The Flavour is Worth It!

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