Welcome to the natural selection of crops from the "country" of Inspired Market Gardens. Fill your senses with the fragrance, taste, texture - and the potential - of our wide range of culinary herb, tomato and pepper plants. Delight in trying our singular edible flowers. Enjoy or gift one of our distinctive bouquets or posies - every one-of-a-kind bunch containing flowers raised in our gardens, or foraged from local sources.

We are a natural grower practicing sustainable/holistic agriculture methods, using organic soil and fertilizers. No pesticides or herbicides are ever used on the land. Inspired Market Gardens is all about natural biodiversity and promoting growing conditions and plants that encourage birds, bees, butterflies and beneficial insects.

Whether you visit our greenhouse, buy from our signature flower honour cart, meet us at the market, or request a special bouquet, you have our commitment to unique products, superb quality, and exceptional service. We will always help you grow, harvest and make the most of all the plants and produce.

If you treasure healthy and beautiful fresh-from-the-farm products, Inspired Market Gardens is the gardener's and gourmand's dream come true.



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