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Naturally Organic Pastured Poultry
A step above free range - hand raised for the ultimate culinary experience.

What IS Pastured Poultry?
Well, most importantly, it’s clean humanely produced, environmentally-friendly poultry. From less than 24 hours old until maturity at about 10 weeks, the birds are handled in an ethical conscientious manner. After 3 weeks in a warm dry “brooder room”, the chicks are moved out ‘to pasture’. Placed into a special 10’ x12’ hut outside, each day this hut is moved onto fresh green growing grass. In addition to the grass and sunshine, at all times they have access to clean water, and certified organic grain and grit. Therefore we call them ‘‘NO-STRESS, HAPPY CHICKS’!

What Pastured Poultry IS NOT...
Not Factory Farmed - Our chicks are raised without hormones, antibiotics, steroids, additives, fecal air or ammonia contamination. They are also not de-beaked or confined to tiny cages . Unfortunately these things do occur with ’mass production’ farming.

Not Free Range - Ever noticed the ground where ‘free chickens’ range? Our chicks are free within their hut, but their pasture never becomes scratched dirt with little nutrition and drenched with chicken droppings - because it is fresh grass each day. The Pastured poultry method has the added benefit iof allowing the pasture to regenerate ecologically.

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