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Organic... Ecological... Natural… Certified...
- All Common Buzzwords - but what do they mean?

Organic - difficult to find one definition, but basically: “organic farming is an ecologically-based production system that avoids the use of synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or growth regulators” (Alberta agriculture website). It is primarily concerned with developing environmentally sustainable farm ecosystems, and with animal living conditions and processing.

Ecological - dealing with the relationship of living organisms (including humans) to their environment and to each other.

Natural - based on “things in nature”, ie. products grown or raised as close as possible to their original state.

Certified Organic - means that the producer has been inspected by a certifying body according to the standards of that body. At present there are many different certifying bodies in Alberta, in North America, & no one Canadian regulator or standard. Certification is most useful to the consumer if you do not know the producer.

Are Many Miles Chicks Organic?

YES - They are grown without any drugs, hormones, antibiotics, or synthetic additives.
YES - They are raised & processed in low-stress, clean conditions, that enhance the environment.

Can they be certified organic?

Our chicks’ feed is certified to be organically grown— it contains no pesticides or herbicides, and is grown in fields that have been clear of their use for at least 3 years.

We have not however sought Certification through a certifying body. Certification does not guarantee high quality birds, it provides the paperwork to prove you have followed the minimum certification guidelines in how you have grown them. We believe in trying to achieve the highest standards in all aspects of raising these birds, and in care of the land on which they are raised.

So, we call them Naturally Raised in a Sustainable Way.

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