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For fabulous home scents/sense we have a variety of potpourris, lingering floral & herbal sprays, dryer bags, and even natural wedding confetti.

POT POURRIS – We have Lavender in organza & hand-painted muslin, and ‘creative inspiration’ and ‘pleasant’ scent blends in pretty bags, ready to slip in your drawers, closets, under your pillow, or leave to lightly perfume your rooms.

DRYER BAGS – Imagine bringing the scent of lavender into your laundry! They come in pairs in lovely Muslin Bags, good for about 20 loads of laundry.

LINEN & Room SPRAYS – In intoxicating Lavender and Chamomile, Lavender Woods, Rustic Romance, and even Old Fashioned Christmas - for your linens, your pillow, your rooms, your life!

HERBAL CONFETTI – an all-natural blend that’s fun but won’t stain those good clothes!

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