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For your personal care, we have wonderful products from Herbal Healing, All Things Jill, BC Lavender Farms and Rustic Soaps - 100% natural ingredients only, made by hand in B.C. and Alberta. These include lip balms, outdoor oils and dry skin treatments, bath milks, shower gels, bubble bath, dream pillows, body lotions, and block and liquid hand soaps.

Lip Balms – Honey & Lemon, Peppermint, Cinnamon, ‘Ultimate’ flavours. Made with a blend of soothing oils - natural protection against the drying effects of the sun.

For the Bath – Soak away the stress with Sea Salts in scents of Herbal, Floral, Mint, Vanilla, Lemongrass & Lavender. The therapeutic values of Epsom Salts are well known including aiding the well-being of the skin, detoxification and the soothing of swollen body parts. Combined with pure essential oils these bath salts are truly wonderful. Bath salts start with a base of epsom salts, refined sea salt and sodium bicarbonate.
If you like bubbles, we have lots of Lavender ones (and we also have a Shower gel as well for those of you who prefer to remain upright!). Contains pure botanicals of avocado, aloe and coconut. Lavender essential oil gives a floral fragrance and acts as a mild disinfectant.

We also have wonderful Bath milks – truly pampering – in Jasmine and in Rose fragrances.

Hand & Body Creams – Wonderful light creams to smooth and sooth, in fragrant (Lavender Woods, Vanilla, or Rose), and available in non-scented version.

Rustic Soaps - The soaps we sell are handmade using the cold-process method. Only vegetable oils, dried herbs, clays, grains & pure Essential Oils are used for color, texture & scent, ensuring the highest quality of soap for you. No artificial colorings, fragrances or preservatives are added. They are hand-cut, then cured. For maximum benefits, allow proper drying & drainage between uses.

And - what a great idea! – Kitchen soap that has been specifically formulated to remove the smells of onion and garlic after you’ve been slicing!

What about hand soaps? Well we have 2 different liquid hand soaps – one a Lavender castile liquid soap, and the other a lightly scented antiseptic liquid soap. All natural of course.

Herbal Healing Distressed skin cream – This is an amazing healing cream for very dry skin. A customer of mine says it is the only thing that relieves her rosacea.

Herbal Healing Outdoor Oil – All Season Oil for Outdoor Lovers
This outdoor oil is a wonderful moisturizer – both après sun and après ski. Customers have told me that not only does it ease sunburn, but keeps it from peeling. It actually works well to keep away bugs but needs to be reapplied every hour or so. The combination of essential oils is what is effective. It can also be gently warmed over a tea light at a barbeque or picnic and is effective keeping the bugs away from your table!

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